Purchase decision

It all seems that buying a dog is such a simple matter, we go to the breeder and buy, but remember that it is not a toy that we can forget right after the first moments after the purchase.

After making such a decision, the future owner must realize that the new individual - the  DOG - in the family for sure:


  • will provide him with a lot of joyful moments and experience,
  • can also cause trouble,
  • he needs his own place to sleep,
  • needs good quality food, especially in times of intense growth,
  • intensive care,
  • consistent education,
  • full veterinary care when sick,
  • is completely dependent on man,
  • the guardian must walk the dog on a daily walk regardless of the weather, which is a long-term obligation,
  • provide a portion of food daily,
  • taking a dog home should be unequivocal to recognize him as a full member of the family, about which you should remember even while choosing the place and time of holidays.


All these factors involve costs that should be included in the home budget and about which we are forgetting while simply thinking about the cost of buying a puppy.


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