ABC breeding

A few words about the difficulty of breeding. We invite you to read a short article on the philosophy of farming and the difficulties and obstacles encountered. 'Z Kojca Zaleskich' can handle any problems.

The simplest way to breed through very small "h" is to breed the breed by accidentally using animals that  meet the requirements of breeding selection. But animal breeding, and especially the German shepherd dog, is not just the usual reproduction in domestic animals.

Breeding is almost like an art that must constantly be developed and improved.

Breeding is a responsible task, which is not easy to meet. It is a very interesting field that you can never really learn and that is the source of new and unexpected experiences.

BREEDING brings a lot of joy connected with watching the physical and mental development of puppies, but it also causes many disappointments when nature does not meet our expectations or when a promising puppy will not grow up to a fully beautiful dog or we have problems with  growing puppies health.  BREEDING also requires discipline in adherence to the breeding regulations, which should be up to the current level.

ABOUT BREEDING, not the mere reproduction of the breed, we can speak only when the offspring will not be worse than the mother and ABOUT BREEDING SUCCESS only if the puppies after growing up do better at the exhibitions and training from their mother. The fact that such  way of breeding is an art many has experienced in practice, especially beginner breeders, who, despite having the proper female, did not achieve the expected effect - the outstanding offspring. What is the satisfaction of the breeder when the dogs from his kennels do great at the exhibitions and successfully pass examinations for the next stages of the guard dog as well as when the offspring after the bred males and females even those owned by other breeders obtain such successes.

The peak of the BREEDING SUCCESS is the victory at the shows, of those males and females that both father and mother come from our own kennels. But it is at its apogee, and as the results of the exhibitions will be traced, only few breeders have succeeded.

In order to reach these first breeding successes, we have to spend a great deal of time and energy and money on raising female, participating in many exhibitions, deepening our knowledge of anatomy and genetics, and finally critically evaluating our own female and choosing the optimal sire. .

Certainly in BREEDING is needed a certain amount of luck, but also you need to help it. First of all by thorough knowledge of the breed pattern, anatomical construction and basic genetics issues. Secondly by critically recognizing the faults of your own female, but also by appreciating its advantages.

BREEDING  teaches patience, humility and understanding not only of ourselves but also of other people.

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